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Friday, June 22, 2018
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Located along the Queen Elizabeth II Wing – Upper Hall, this space provides opportunities for local and provincial artisans to prominently display their works. This exhibit—which has featured everything from quilting and photography to sculptures— changes regularly.

Bart Pragnell: Inspired Movement

Presented by: OSAC Arts On The Move

April 7 - June 26, 2018

Bart Pragnell was born near Moose Jaw in 1907, and became a highly admired artist and art instructor who worked throughout western Canada. In his art work, which was mostly done in watercolor, he, “saw movement as a fundamental principle of life and was intrigued by its many and varied aspects: the movement of the human body, the travels of the human mind as it makes connections through layers of experience, and the invisible movement and transformation of matter. This exhibition includes twenty-three outstanding pieces made over Pragnell’s career, that are drawn from the collection of the Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery.

Bart Pragnell
Bart Pragnell, Untitled, watercolour on paper, c. 1940's

Curated by: Heather Smith from the Permanent Collection of the Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery


From the Prairies to the Trenches - Part IV: Vimy, Passchendaele and Conscription January 1917 to December 1917


This video, the fourth in a five-part series on the First World War, recalls the events of 1917, as seen by both those serving in war-torn Europe and on the home front here in Saskatchewan. The video features a rich selection of documentary material held by the Saskatchewan Archives and its partners which relate to Saskatchewan’s involvement in the First World War.

The video, along with the previous parts can be viewed online on the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan’s YouTube channel.  Also, be sure to visit their website for more information regarding this video series.

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