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Sunday, April 23, 2017
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Christmas Decorating - Nov. 13 - 17
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New Year’s Eve – closed at 12pm
Maintenance - Jan. 8 - 12, 2018
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Teachers’ Resource Guides

Victorian Pleasures (60 – 90 mins) – Prekindergarten to Grade 3
Introduce the differences between the Victorian home and today’s home and draw comparisons to the lifestyles of Victorian children and children today. Students may explore the pleasures and pastimes of Victorian children as they tour the museum and visit the Once Upon a Time Room.

At Home with the Forgets (1 hour) – Grades 3 to 6
This program introduces the role of the Lieutenant Governor at the turn of the 20th century and provides insight into life as Saskatchewan entered Confederation and became a province. Students tour the museum and discuss the lifestyles of wealthy Victorians.


Active Learning Programs

Whodunit? (30 Minutes – October only) – Prekindergarten to Grade 5
Strange things are happening at Government House. Misplaced items and disturbances in the vice-regal home are reported by visitors and staff. Throughout the house, find clues left behind by one of the ghosts of Government House. Which of the ghosts is leaving you clues and what is he looking for? This program is based on the book “Ghosts of Government House” by Judith Silverthorne.

Trivia with George (20 minutes) – Grades 4 - 7
Learn more about the famous Government House gardener George Watt as you enjoy the lush environment of the Sylvia Fedoruk Conservatory. Teams will compete to answer questions while searching through excerpts from the daily journals George Watt kept during the early 1900s.

It’s Democracy (2 hours) – Grades 5 - 12
Introduce students to Saskatchewan’s history, the role of the Crown in Saskatchewan and the role of the Lieutenant Governor. Following a visit to the Amédée Forget Museum and the J.E.N. Wiebe Interpretive Centre, students will play It’s Democracy on a giant game board. Teachers will receive an advance copy of the game questions and answers to assist with classroom preparation.

GeocachingGeocaching in the Garden (1 hour) – Grades 4 - 12
Following an introduction to GPS (Global Positioning System) receivers and geocaching, teams will explore the 8.5 acres of the Edwardian Gardens. Clues and map in hand, teams will navigate the property, solving puzzles and learning about the significance of the historical landmarks and features in the gardens.

Discovery BackpackDiscovery Backpacks (1 hour)
Discovery Backpacks include a variety of activities and learning tools to engage children in the history and role of Government House. Discovery Backpacks must be pre-booked and are based on availability.

Explore the Crown Discovery Backpack
(Amédée Forget Museum) – Prekindergarten to Grade 2
Celebrate Canada Discovery Backpack
(Edwardian Gardens) – Grades 2 - 5

Scavenger Hunts (30 minutes)
Choose from three different scavenger hunts to suit pre-kindergarten to Grade 12 students.

Winter Programs

Twas the Night Before Christmas (1 hour) – Prekindergarten to Grade 2
This program introduces the role of the Lieutenant Governor and looks at Canadian Christmas traditions at the turn of the 20th century. Students visit the Amédée Forget Museum for 20 minutes and discuss the lifestyles of wealthy Victorians, comparing them to lifestyles of today. Then they spend another 20 minutes in the Once Upon a Time Room before decorating their own gingerbread cookies to take back to school.

A Gift of Christmas Past (1 hour) – Grades 3 - 6
This program introduces Victorian Christmas traditions as students view seasonal decorations. Insight is offered into Lieutenant Governor and Madame Forget’s charitable activities which are compared to the role of the present-day Lieutenant Governor. To emphasize the continuing need to assist those less fortunate, each student is encouraged to bring one nonperishable food item which will be donated to a local charity.

Additional Activities

Government House

Amédée Forget Museum (30 minutes)

J.E.N.Wiebe Interpretive Centre (15 minutes)  

Once Upon a Time Room (1 hour) – Prekindergarten to Grade 2

Students experience “hands on” play and discovery based on themes that change throughout the year.

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